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New Freelancer? Beware of These Tax Booby Traps

Starting a freelance business can be as rewarding as climbing Mount Everest—or finding that lost sock in the laundry. While you’re elated to begin doing the work you love…if you’re not careful, that elation can turn to dread at tax time if you end up owing significant dollars in back taxes or worse, face an […]

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CAUTION! 10 Sure-fire Ways to Get Your Freelance Business Audited

The Internal Revenue Service is as close to a modern ogre myth as there is. Often described in terms similar to an evil creature like a troll, who waits for us to cross the bridge and then demands payment, the agency is actually just a cold bureaucracy, inefficient on good days, but still determined to […]

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Don't Sweat It! Tips to Help You Stay Cool This Tax Season

Next week, the IRS is officially "open for business" when it comes to accepting tax returns. While you may not be quite ready to haul out your file of tax receipts (You did keep them, didn't you?) and gather up your other financial information, you should definitely psych yourself up to do so soon. Where […]

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Don't Let These Tax Deadlines Pass You By

Now that we've officially celebrated the new year (and hopefully recovered from any after-effects of doing so) your calendar may seem startlingly blank after the rush of the holidays. Before you fill it with the fun adventures that you promised yourself more of this'll want to check out our 2016 Tax Calendar to make […]

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'Tis the Season for the CPA for Freelancers® Tax Checklist

‘Tis the season. Yes - for shopping, eggnog and overindulgence at the buffet table. But for freelancers, it’s also the season to take stock of what your income and expenses were in 2015, to get your financial house in order and to determine what you will owe in taxes come next April. Plus, it's a […]

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Get Back into the IRS’ Good Graces

A Three-Step Plan for Catching up Unfiled Taxes We have all fallen out of someone’s good graces. Remember that time you forgot your mother’s birthday? Whoops. Or that time you ignored your taxes? I mean, really, how can the IRS expect you to calculate payments, keep up with expenses and filter through their complex tax […]

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Will They or Won’t They?

Congress has yet to approve these tax laws—and it may affect your freelance business Every year, Congress passes new tax laws, lets some old ones expire or adds new life to some that would have expired. While there are no major changes this year like there were with Obamacare last year, there are still dozens […]

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Act Now and Gaze Happily Into Your Tax-paying Future

Put down the leftover Hallowe’en candy and chew on this instead, because your future tax bill depends on it: Acting now to lower your tax bill can significantly up your money-saving potential by the time tax season rolls around. The key words are, of course, acting now—because after December 31, 2015, the opportunity to create […]

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