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Please be aware : While we love helping people with their tax and accounting issues,  we do charge for our time to make a living!  If you’re short on cash and need free advice,  please continue reading our blog or consider seeking other alternatives like the IRS. However, if you are seeking to engage (and pay for) the services of a financial professional to assist you with entity formation, tax preparation, monthly business  accounting, resolution of  tax issues with the IRS or state and local tax authorities (inclusive of non-filing of prior year tax returns, tax and sales tax audits, and workers’ compensation issues for employers) we encourage you to complete the form below.

Please contact us only if you are interested in engaging the services of our highly qualified staff.  Unfortunately, we do not do one-off consultations for individuals filing their own taxes. Please note that we are a New York firm with a concentration of practice in the New York and New Jersey area but we also serve other taxpayers based in  the Northeast and California.

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