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The New Student Debt Relief and Your Taxes: What Freelancers Need to Know

There has been lots of talk about student loan forgiveness recently, especially after the past two years of Covid chaos which had a negative financial impact on many taxpayers. Now with inflation rising, the government has finally pushed through the American Rescue Plan legislation including student loan debt relief which may help your financial situation […]

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Cashing In on Crypto? Getting to Know HIFO! It Can Save You Significant Tax Dollars

If you are holding bitcoin in your virtual currency portfolio, you need to be aware of the HIFO (highest in, first out) tax loophole which could save you significant amounts of cash by reducing your tax burden on cryptocurrency capital gains. Here Is How HIFO Works for Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currency Investments: As you […]

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Is the IRS Backlog Affecting Your Freelance Business? This Advice Can Save You Headaches and Hassles

Although it is almost the midpoint of the tax filing season for 2021 returns, the IRS is lagging seriously behind on processing 2020 returns, to the point that the delay in processing returns from prior years and issuing refunds is so dire that many freelancers and business owners have been waiting to resolve their IRS […]

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The 2022 Freelancer’s Guide to Gig Economy Taxes

The gig economy is gearing up and if you have been a freelancer for any length of time, you are helping to drive it forward. Congratulations on your success! However, it is critical not to lose sight of the tax obligations that come with operating as an independent contractor or freelancer in the gig economy, […]

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