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Three Must-Have Business Tools for Time-Starved Freelancers

Deadlines, drama, distractions…it’s a wonder that freelancers have time to get anything done. If you feel like you’re always up against the clock when it comes to managing your business, take a minute (maybe two) to check out the following three tools. They’re guaranteed to help you trim the time it takes to manage your business finances and promotions.

  1. Save time calculating estimated taxes with the Painless 1099 app. Our friends at Painless 1099 get that being a freelancer is hard—and that the business end of things can be painfully time-consuming. That’s why they created a nifty app to automate the process of planning and saving for taxes. Use Painless 1099 and you’ll spend your time making money instead of tracking the tax you owe on your freelance income—plus you’ll avoid getting dinged with IRS penalties.
  1. Spend less time tracking your expenses with Xero Tax Touch. If you’re one of the many business owners who has trouble keeping on top of their business expenses, then the Xero Tax Touch app is for you. Transactions feed directly from your bank and credit cards to the iPhone app so you always know where you are from an expenses standpoint. At tax time, all you have to do is send your neatly categorized expenses to your accountant.
  1. No time to market your business? Constant Contact can change that. If you want to grow your business you need to either a) do more business with existing clients; or b) start getting work from new clients. Both can be accomplished through email marketing and Constant Contact makes it easy to create comprehensive campaigns in just a few minutes. Our team uses it to keep in touch with our community members (read how we do it here) and we can attest to the time-saving tools the platform provides including mobile-friendly templates, simple list management and SMS marketing options.

From our perspective, these three time-saving tools are worth the consideration of any freelancer, but they’re especially useful for those who are truly are time-starved. As an added bonus, they can help you stick to a regular program of financial and marketing management in your freelance business, which is definitely worth your time!

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Jonathan Medows is a certified public accountant licensed in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. He is also a recognized expert in taxation for freelancers and the self-employed—often tapped for his expert knowledge and perspective on self-employment taxation by national and regional publications such as The New York Post, BusinessWeek, Forbes taxation blog, WebCPA, CPA Practice Advisor, and others. You can read some of Jonathan’s press coverage here.

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