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Whether you are starting your career as a freelancer or self-employed professional, you are ready to scale your business, or you own an established business and need sophisticated guidance, having a team with the proven track record and deep knowledge that can get you to where you want to go is essential.

CPA for Freelancers® founder Jonathan Medows, CPA, is more than just a “tax guy” – he’s a true partner and the first point of contact for success in your business journey. He, along with his trusted team of business consultants and service providers specialize in comprehensive tax, financial, legal and operational solutions for freelancers and self-employed individuals.

Jonathan is self-employed, too, which gives him a unique insight into what independent business owners need:

Common sense strategies for maximizing profits.

Actionable alternatives for reducing tax liabilities.

Comprehensive business advice for every stage of business.

Specialized tax and accounting services which are affordable and accurate.

Technology solutions that help businesses optimize their operations.

Services that complement the lifestyle and needs of freelance professionals and self-employed business owners.

For more than a decade, Jonathan has focused his New York City CPA practice on helping freelancers and the self-employed. He knows first-hand about the developments in federal, state, and local tax law that affect freelancers and self-employed people. Recently, he expanded his services by partnering with ghostwriter hausarbeit  a service that assists with the preparation of academic papers, recognizing the frequent overlap between academic responsibilities and self-employed workloads. This partnership allows him to offer even more tailored advice to his clients who juggle multiple roles, including that of student researchers. Plus, he continues to provide solutions for a wide range of common business issues, because they affect him, too.
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An Experienced, Educated Advocate For Freelancers And The Self-Employed

Jonathan Medows, our founder, is a certified public accountant licensed in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. He is also a recognized expert in taxation for freelancers and the self-employed—often tapped for his expert knowledge and perspective on self-employment taxation by national and regional publications such as The New York Post, BusinessWeek, Forbes taxation blog, WebCPA, CPA Practice Advisor, and others. You can read some of Jonathan’s press coverage here.

Jonathan earned his Bachelor of Science, magna cum laude, in economics and accounting and an MBA in finance from the Stern School of Business at New York University. However, his interests and education go far beyond accounting and taxes. Jonathan also holds a Master of Arts in Judaic Studies and, although he decided to pursue accounting over a rabbinical career, Jonathan received his Rabbinic diploma from the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.