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Please note that we are no longer accepting new clients through April 15, 2024.

CPA for Freelancers® is your one-stop-shop for the financial expertise and the tax, accounting, and consulting services you need to achieve your goals. In our quest to provide comprehensive assistance, we have partnered with hausarbeit schreiben lassen a service specializing in academic writing help, to ensure our clients have access to a wide range of professional support. We love helping people with their tax and accounting issues. However, we do charge for our time in order to make a living. Here are some examples* of what you can expect to pay when you engage our professional services.

Our minimum professional fee is $500. This is the “starting at” price. Every return, even a seemingly “simple” one takes time to prepare, to e-file, and to make sure that all required documents are in our system. There is also the time needed for administrative tasks, appointment booking, and the “back-and-forth” necessary to accurately and thoroughly complete your return.

A typical fee for a tax return with one Schedule C, up to three W-2s, and up to two states starts at $500. If an Airbnb rental is involved, add at least another $75 for a total of $575or more. If multiple Airbnb properties are involved there may be additional charges.
Preparation of returns with a foreign earned income starts at $500.

Preparation of business returns starts at $750.

Our starting price is $50 to $75 for the New York State IT-204-LL annual filing fee. Entity setup fees start between $600-$1500, inclusive of filing fees.

If you have an entity other than a single-member LLC (i.e. multi-member LLC, c-corp, or s-corp), there will be separate filing fees. Note to NYS filers, IT-204-LL for LLCs is at least $50-$100.
*Of course, everyone’s situation and therefore, tax return, is a little bit different. As such, there are instances when returns are more complicated, especially those involving K-1s, multiple Schedule Cs and multiple states. In these cases, we can provide a customized estimate before you engage us.

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