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Must-Have Freelance Tax FAQs

Now that we are getting down to the wire for filing individual taxes and those for freelance businesses structured as LLCs and corporations, it’s key to know the answers to these freelance tax FAQs so you can tackle your taxes in a timely manner. The following list of freelance tax FAQs can help you tame […]

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10 Freelance Tax Deductions to Use Before They Are Gone

The introduction of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act at the end of last year represents major changes to the tax code, but its impact won’t be felt on your tax return until next year. That’s why as you get ready to file your freelance taxes this year, it’s smart to focus on taking full […]

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From the Frequently Asked File...Answers to Tax Questions Every Freelancer Needs to Know

Savvy freelancers know that proper tax planning can provide significant financial benefits that contribute to business growth. In this spirit, take note of these answers to frequently asked tax questions which can help to position your business for success: 1. Should I use a software system to track my freelance finances? Yes. Managing your tax […]

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Looking for a New Gig? Look Out for New Tax Deductions, Too!

Having a full-time career as a freelance professional can be a challenge. This is why many freelancers still maintain a traditional job, at least on a part-time basis. If you are looking for a new job that’s in your chosen field to supplement your freelance income, or if you are starting up your freelance business […]

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Expanding Your Team? Use this Checklist to Prepare for Expanding Expenses

When your freelance business is bustling and you can see additional growth on the horizon you may start considering whether it’s time to expand your team by hiring an employee. While visions of the relief having another set of qualified hands (and brain cells) at your disposal may play through your mind, it’s equally important […]

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How to Claim Your Share of $12 Billion in R&D Tax Credits

Developing new products and services is one of the key ways to expand and grow your freelance business—and it’s also an activity that can benefit you from a tax perspective, thanks to the federal and state Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit programs. It is estimated that the R&D tax credit and other related tax […]

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Are You a Freelancer Working Abroad? File Your Taxes By June 15

Taking a freelance gig and living outside of the United States is a wonderful way to experience another culture and to broaden your portfolio. However, it is essential to know your tax obligations, including the deadline for filing your U.S. taxes from afar. This year, non-resident U.S. citizen tax returns on extension are due on […]

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Use a “Marathon” Mindset to Lower Your Freelance Taxes

If you filed your taxes on time this year, you may be breathing a sigh of relief about not having to think about them again until next April. Before you wipe any traces of tax-induced sweat off your brow completely though, consider this: Sprinting to the IRS Tax Day finish line on an annual basis […]

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Struggling to Pay Your Taxes? Take These Three Steps Now

Tax season is here and you may be stressing a little, especially if you haven’t been making regular estimated tax payments on your business profits. If this is the case for you, it’s time to take action this tax year and for the years ahead. Start with the three steps below to get back on […]

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New Identification Requirement for New York State Taxpayers Aims to Fight Fraud

New York State (NYS) is now making the collection of taxpayers’ driver licenses or other state-issued identification (ID) information on electronically filed personal income tax returns mandatory to help deter fraud, following the same practice by the IRS. The fields where the ID information must be input appear in the Authentication Header section of the […]

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