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Freelance Finances 101

When you are just starting out in your freelancing business, it's critical to have the right resources. Having worked with hundreds of businesses and self-employed professionals we have developed the following solution set featuring the technology and services needed to create a solid foundation for your new business:

Freelance Business Partner

Why Your Business Needs It

Intuit QuickBooks is the gold standard when it comes to small business accounting. Plus, it integrates with many other apps and your accountant's own software so you can focus on growing your business.

CPA for Freelancers specializes in the tax requirements and tax return preparation for freelance businesses. From estimated taxes to tax planning to keep your business healthy, we can help you reduce your tax obligations as much as possible. Contact us to get started.

Sales tax is an area that most freelance professionals who are selling goods online need expert help in because of the compliance issues associated with it. Adding to the intricacies of sales tax is the need to be compliant in every geographic area you do business in. Avalara can handle every sales tax need and concern of self-employed business owners.

Tracking client communications and marketing your business seamlessly and easily is what every freelance professional needs to do in order to create a robust pipeline of new prospects and projects. Keap is a CRM, sales management and automated marketing tool all in one that scales with your business.

Truly Financial is the first real alternative to old-school business banking. As a small business owner, there is never enough time or money—period. Yet traditional banking demands both, all the time. Put simply, these banking systems lead you more often to frustration than to the freedom of growing your business. Learn more about how Truly Financial can be a game-changer for your freelance business.

To go along with your banking is Bevel, a payment gateway perfect for small businesses. Check it out here.

Lunafi is an app that simplifies taxes freelancers. See real-time tax views, uncover possible write-offs, and manage your business and personal finances in all one place. Learn more here.

If your freelance business is growing to the point of needing to add employees, then you need a seamless payroll partner. We recommend ADP, contact us to learn more.

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