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Ready to Start Full-Time Freelancing in 2017? Check Off this List Before You Go Rogue!

If you keep thinking that “now’s the time” to give up your day job and follow your freelance dream on a full-time basis, it’s definitely worth giving these thoughts serious consideration. However, reality needs to play a central part in your decision, in order to increase your chances of financial success. So if you’re teetering […]

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It’s Summer and the Billing is Not Easy: Tips to Avoid a Cash Flow Crunch

Summer—it’s a great time to take a vacation and let things slow down a little on the work front. At least that’s what your clients are thinking. Having a slow month or two is to be expected as part of the whole freelancing gig and sometimes the downtime is a good thing. A good thing […]

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Three Must-Have Business Tools for Time-Starved Freelancers

Deadlines, drama, distractions…it’s a wonder that freelancers have time to get anything done. If you feel like you’re always up against the clock when it comes to managing your business, take a minute (maybe two) to check out the following three tools. They’re guaranteed to help you trim the time it takes to manage your […]

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